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Committees in Post-Communist Democratic Parliament::Comparative Institutionalisation

Author(s): Olson, David and Crowther, Williams E.;
ISBN: 0-8142-0912-2;
Subjects: Legoslative Process;
Publisher: : Ohio University Press Columbus , 2002;
Call number: 328.3'65COM;
Type: Book
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Bar code Accession number Status Location Material type
5233 5233
Available Main Library -> stacks
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008150506 2002
020 $a0-8142-0912-2
0820 $a328.3'65COM
245 $aCommittees in Post-Communist Democratic Parliament:$bComparative Institutionalisation
260 $bOhio University Press$aColumbus$c2002
650 $aLegoslative Process
653 $aLegislative Bodies
700 $aOlson, David and Crowther, Williams E.$eEditors

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