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Multiparty Democracy::Elections and Legislative Politics

Author(s): Schofield, Norman and Sened, Itai;
ISBN: 0-521-45658-4;
Subjects: Political Process;
Publisher: : Cambridge University Press New York , 2006;
Call number: 324.9 Sch;
Type: Book
Available At: Main Library -> stacks
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Bar code Accession number Status Location Material type
5178 5178
324.9 Sch
Available Main Library -> stacks
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008150506 2006
020 $a0-521-45658-4
0820 $a324.9 Sch
245 $aMultiparty Democracy:$bElections and Legislative Politics
260 $bCambridge University Press$aNew York$c2006
650 $aPolitical Process
653 $aPolitical Parties
700 $aSchofield, Norman and Sened, Itai

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